First Gold Weigh In! Are We On Hot Gold?

Dan and David get stuck in a bad situation: a ripping current, icebergs, and a thick fog bank descend on the dredge at the same time. They have to call off the dive and, with a little help from Zeke Tenhoff, find a way home even though ice floe is choking off the mouth of the Nome harbor.

Then, with a day off, we clean the top box and do our first weigh-in of the season to see how we’re performing.

Finally, we get on some really hot stuff and have a chance to really stack up the ounces! Buy gold straight from our sluice box! Pan chunky gold at home in our paydirt or just get beautiful Bering Sea gold in a vial!

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This is part 7 of a 40-part series about our summer mining season – so make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications so you don’t miss an episode! Here are the episodes:

1 – I lost my job on Bering Sea Gold
2 – Bering Sea Gold Dredge – COMPLETE REBUILD!
3 – Bering Sea Gold Dredge Critical Design Error!
4 – Gold mining dredge launch in Alaska’s Bering Sea (will it float?)
5 – We get on the gold in the first dive of the season!
6 – Iceberg Attacks Our Dredge!
7 – First Gold Weigh In! Are We On Hot Gold?

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