How much Gold can I find by Gridding a Nugget Patch?

It is very easy to miss gold nuggets while metal detecting. A coil on a detector only covers a little area surrounded by a lot of more good looking ground. Is it worthwhile to invest more time and energy on a nugget patch, detect low and slow and even overlap the coil sweeps? Let’s find out by gridding this patch. Metal detector used in this video: Minelab GPX 6000.

Gridding 0:00
Chaining: 1:48
Flagging: 4:35
Landmarks: 5:15
Swing Speed: 5:40
Marking the Finds: 8:10
Best Time: 12:18
Choice of detector and coil: 14:44
Detect Everywhere 16:21
Detector Settings 17:08
Weigh In 21:36


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