How We Find Gold in the Bering Sea: Emily Riedel’s Prospecting Strategy on Lease 14

The old adage is true: gold is where you find it. Implicit in that is an important truth that there is no way to guarantee you will find gold in the Bering Sea based on a certain seafloor shape, depth, rock formation, or divining rod.

That said, I’ve learned a number of ways over almost a decade working on lease 14 to increase the odds of putting the diver on a paystreak. If we were playing baseball we might call this swinging at ”fat pitches” by using our divers, technology, and even positioning of rival dredges to find good gold.

Here is the breakdown:
0:00 Introduction
0:47 Increasing Your Odds
1:44 Lease 14 Overview & Depth
3:09 Live Boating
6:19 Side-scan Sonar
7:27 Old GPS Coordinates
8:32 Dredge Positioning Strategies

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