I lost my job on Bering Sea Gold

In summer of 2023, for the first time in over a decade, the production company did not shoot Bering Sea Gold for Discovery. So I lost my job.

On top of losing my job I had to make an emergency $100,000 upgrade to the dredge and work with a completely inexperienced crew.

We decided it would be a huge shame for you to miss the highs, the lows, and the general chaos that ensued. So we picked up the camera and filmed the season our way.

Stay tuned over the next 30-40 weeks to see offshore gold mining in a completely different light by joining the Eroica’s crew on our day-to-day adventures on the Bering Sea.

Buy gold from the Eroica’s sluice box! Either paydirt you can pan at home, or raw Bering Sea gold in a vial! BeringSeaPaydirt.com

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