Mine gold with me in 2023 in Nome, Alaska

Prices, dates, itinerary and booking details will be emailed on January 4th, 2023 @ 8 am AKST. Get on the list here:

I’m teaming up with AKAU Gold & Resort to take 20 people on an exclusive expedition to the heart of the historic Nome Gold Rush, and offer an inside look at the operation of modern day offshore gold dredge M/V Eroica in an all-inclusive (except airfare), week-long trip in the summer of 2023!

Located in the heart of Nome’s historic gold rush, AKAU Gold & Resort offers its clients exclusive access to the Anvil Creek claims that have produced 5 of Alaska’s 10 largest nuggets ever recorded. They combine rich history and rich ground with modern gold mining techniques and comfortable Bush Alaska living accommodations.

Activities are designed to help you find real gold from the motherlode that feeds the Bering Sea with highbankers, dredges, and metal detectors. We’ll also ride four wheelers, fish the famous Alaskan wild salmon run, and tour the Nome Gold Rush’s colorful history.

I will join in activities and give each person on the trip an exclusive inside look at the day-to-day operations of the M/V Eroica and what it takes to be an offshore gold dredger at the edge of the world.

We’ve teamed up with AKAU Gold & Resort to offer you a trip that includes all of these activities in one price tag, including accommodations, transportation in Nome, and three delicious meals a day. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is your plane ticket and wishing you could stay another week!

Learn more about AKAU Gold & Resort @ AKAUGold.com

Learn more about the offshore gold business in Nome, AK @ BeringSeaPaydirt.com

Buy real gold dredged from the Bering Sea @ Shop.BeringSeaPaydirt.com

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