Mining a Gold-Rich “Quartz Vein” Under Alaska’s Bering Sea | 1 OZT AN HOUR

After we dried and weighed all our gold in the previous episode, and checked the weight of each top mat against our dive calendar and GPS coordinates, we found out Dan and David had a night shift on one particularly gold-rich “quartz vein” that was paying about an ounce an hour.

What’s interesting about this type of ground is it’s not something the divers can see easily. There was a lot of silt and deep sand concealing a rich pay layer, and if we never check each individual top box we never would have found it.

But, as always, it’s not always as easy as just going out and setting anchor and getting underwater. We have to battle bad dive visibility after the storm, ripping currents, strong winds and waves all while getting our new diver Ross on the mask for the first time.

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If you want to see our full adventures as well as the $100,000 rebuild of the Eroica’s hull, go back and watch from the beginning of the series about our 2023 summer season.

Here’s the episode list:

1 – I lost my job on Bering Sea Gold
2 – Mine Rescue: Bering Sea Gold Dredge Gets a Huge Upgrade
3 – Bering Sea Gold Dredge Needs Major Repairs
4 – The Gold Mining Season Has Begun in Nome, Alaska
5 – We Get On The Gold In the First Dive Of The Season!
6 – Nothing Can Keep Us Off The Gold (Except This Iceberg)
7 – First Gold Weigh In! How Much Did We Find?
8 – What a 10-Ounce Day Looks Like on a Bering Sea Gold Dredge
9 – We Found a Gold Nugget at the Bottom of the Ocean
10 – When Everything Goes Wrong on the Bering Sea
11 – $85,000 Gold Cleanup From Alaska’s Bering Sea!
12 – Mining a Gold-Rich “Quartz Vein” Under Alaska’s Bering Sea | 1 OZT AN HOUR

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