The Eroica is getting new pontoons! | Your questions answered

Dan Rainwater and I answer your questions about the Eroica’s new aluminum pontoons!

Upgrading the flotation is the biggest project we’ve ever done on the Eroica and we’re excited to give you a sneak preview of it! We’re filming the whole project from start to finish and will upload the project videos here and on my Youtube, so stay tuned!

Special thanks to @lincolnelectrictv for partnering with us and providing some key equipment for our build!

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0:25 Are you building a whole new dredge or modifying the Eroica?
1:51 Why are you building them out of aluminum?
4:44 Are you filling them with foam?
5:50 How do you test the pontoons to make sure they won’t sink before it goes in the water?
6:55 Why are you framing the insides like that?

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