We Found a Gold Nugget at the Bottom of the Ocean

We continue our run mining hot gold at the bottom of the Bering Sea!

Alex and Emily find a gold nugget during the day shift, and during the night shift Dan and David hang on in strong winds, help a fellow gold miner, and fight off the last of the ice to make a big score.

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Our battles with the ice this season were truly unprecedented. I’ve never seen anything like it in 13 years of dredging in the Bering Sea – and we may not see it again for another 13 years.

If you want to see our full adventures with the Bering Sea ice as well as the $100,000 rebuild of the Eroica’s hull, go back and watch the first 8 episodes of the series.

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Here’s the episode list:

1 – I lost my job on Bering Sea Gold
2 – Mine Rescue: Bering Sea Gold Dredge Gets a Huge Upgrade
3 – Bering Sea Gold Dredge Needs Major Repairs
4 – The Gold Mining Season Has Begun in Nome, Alaska
5 – We Get On The Gold In the First Dive Of The Season!
6 – Nothing Can Keep Us Off The Gold (Except This Iceberg)
7 – First Gold Weigh In! How Much Did We Find?
8 – What a 10-Ounce Day Looks Like on a Bering Sea Gold Dredge
9 – We Found a Gold Nugget at the Bottom of the Ocean

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