What happened between Shawn Pomrenke and the Kelly Family in “Bering Sea Gold”?

The American reality television show “Bering Sea Gold” is filmed in the cold and unforgiving reaches of the Bering Sea around Alaska, documenting the everyday lives and struggles of several dredge mining companies scouring the seabed in search of gold.

We’ll try to answer to questions below in this video:
What happened between Shawn Pomrenke and the Kelly?
Who is Shawn Pomrenke?
Where is Shawn Pomrenke today?
What happened to Shawn Pomrenke?
How old is Shawn Pomrenke?
How tall is Shawn Pomrenke?
How rich is Shawn Pomrenke?
Where does Shawn Pomrenke live?
Who is Shawn Pomrenke wife today?
What is Shawn Pomrenke ethnicity and nationality?
Who is Kelly Family?
Where is Kelly Family today?
What happened to Kelly Family?
How old are Kelly Family?
How tall are Kelly Family?
How rich are Kelly Family?
Where does Kelly Family live?
What are Kelly Family ethnicity and nationality?

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