Where are the gold cleanups?! (and your other questions answered)

We’ve put out 6 episodes so far (and have been diving in the last two) and one important question’s starting to come up frequently: why haven’t we seen you weigh gold yet?

I didn’t realize this would be confusing until I started seeing this question, but it makes sense. If you watch Bering Sea Gold you’re used to seeing cleanups every episode.

But the reason you don’t see them after every dive has to do with how we’re making our show versus what you’re used to seeing.

In short, you will see all of our gold cleanups and weigh outs soon, so don’t worry!

If you haven’t watched all six episodes yet make sure you check them out!

Here are the episodes so far:

1 – I lost my job on Bering Sea Gold
2 – Bering Sea Gold Dredge – COMPLETE REBUILD!
3 – Bering Sea Gold Dredge Critical Design Error!
4 – Gold mining dredge launch in Alaska’s Bering Sea (will it float?)
5 – We get on the gold in the first dive of the season!
6 – Iceberg Attacks Our Dredge!

0:00 Where are the gold cleanups?!
2:04 Where’s Jane?
2:21 Did you have your second baby?
2:30 Why does it take so long for you to edit these videos?
2:47 Why aren’t the episodes longer?
3:04 Do divers ever see sharks?

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